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Prima Noce is an internationally experienced handler of California's finest in-shell, culinary and ingredient walnuts. Our specialties include premium in-shell walnuts such as Hartley, Howard, and Chandler, in addition to high-specification, low foreign matter walnut meats.

Headquartered in Linden, California for the past 20 years, Prima Noce's favorable location in the Delta Region of the San Joaquin Valley gives us access to the best walnuts in the world. Our superior location provides us the foundation for our unsurpassed quality and value.

Prima Noce's newly expanded state-of-the-art processing facility further enhances quality by gently handing the walnuts during processing where walnuts are sized and separated according to strict customer requirements. We are proud of our facility and encourage you to come to Linden and take a tour. If you can't make it to Linden please take our virtual tour, located on this website.

At Prima Noce, our mission is to provide the best value possible in the walnut industry. Value not only includes price, but also encompasses product quality, availability, traceability, timeliness of deliveries and proper execution of specific customer wishes.