When sourcing in-shell walnuts, it is critical that you purchase from a supplier in a superior growing region since you cannot inspect the meat inside without destroying the walnut. Our reputation and high standards are why customers keep returning for our in-shell walnuts.

Primary Walnut Varieties

Variety Description Harvest Marketing Style
Eureka Medium sized nut with thick, well sealed shell and 80% light kernels. Early harvest Sold early as in-shell or shelled for meats
Hartley Large nut with thick, well sealed, heart shaped shell with 90% light kernels making it the premium in-shell variety. Midseason harvest Primarily sold in-shell
Howard Medium to large sized nut with good shell seal, 85-90% light kernels and high yield making it a versatile nut. Midseason harvest Sold as in-shell or shelled as meats
Payne Medium sized nut with thick well sealed shell and 75% light kernels. Early harvest Sold early as in-shell or shelled as meats
Vina Medium to large sized nut with similar characteristics to Hartley, 80% light kernels. Early to midseason harvest Typically sold in-shell, but also shelled for meats


All walnuts are sized and graded according to USDA or EU specifications. To ensure our in-shell walnuts meet and exceed these specifications, we pass them through a rigorous grading process. It begins by sizing them, followed by a trip through two aspirators to remove shriveled and empty walnuts. The walnuts then pass over two electronic sorters that remove discolored and split shells. Lastly, an army of trained sorters removes the most minute imperfections.

In-shell walnuts are processed with two distinct finishes, Natural and Bleached. Natural walnuts pass through a brush scrubber to remove any loose hulls. Walnuts requiring a bright exterior appearance pass through a bleach solution.

Not all walnut varieties are available in each size classification. Availability of size depends on the variety, crop year and customer demand.


Size Description
Jumbo Greater than 80/64
Jumbo/Large Greater than 77/64
Jumbo/Large/Medium Greater than 73/64
Large Greater than 77/64 and a limited quantity greater than 80/64
Medium Greater than 73/64 and a limited quantity greater than 77/64


Size Description
32mm Greater than 32 mm
30mm & larger Greater than 30 mm
30mm Greater than 30 mm and limited amount above 32
28mm & larger Greater than 28 mm
28mm Greater than 28 mm and limited amount above 30

Package Size

In-shell walnuts are sacked in the following wholesale sizes with our Prima Noce label.

  • 25 lbs
  • 50 lbs
  • 10 kgs
  • 25 kgs

Sacks are then palletized to ship domestically or hand-stacked into containers for international shipment.

We also provide a wide range of consumer packaging and private labeling. Please contact Prima Noce directly for information on these styles of packing.