When sourcing walnut meats, not only are color and freshness important, but also elimination of nearly invisible shells and membrane pieces. It is important that you trust your supplier to deliver foreign-matter-free product. Remember, it will be your customer who informs you of any imperfections!


Variety Description Harvest Marketing Style
Chandler Large nut with thin shell and greater than 90% light kernels, which makes Chandler the premium meat variety. Mid to late season harvest Cracking stock sold in-shell or as walnut meats
Eureka Medium sized nut with thick, well sealed shell and 80% light kernels. Early harvest Sold early as inshell or shelled for meats
Howard Medium to large sized nut with good shell seal, 85-90% light kernels and high yield making it a versatile nut. Midseason harvest Sold as in-shell or shelled as meats
Payne Medium sized nut with thick well sealed shell and 75% light kernels. Early harvest Sold early as in-shell or shelled as meats
Serr Large nut with thick, oval shell, 70-80% light kernels and extremely high yield make it only suitable for shelling. Early harvest Cracking stock sold as meats
Tulare Large nut with thin shell and 90% light kernels making it well-suited for shelling. Midseason harvest Cracking stock sold as walnut meats
Vina Medium to large sized nut with similar characteristics to Hartley, 80% light kernels. Early to midseason harvest Typically sold in-shell, but also shelled for meats


We expanded our shelling operation in 2007 with the following goals:

  • Produce products with the lowest foreign matter content in the industry
  • Provide our customers a wide choice of product sizes and styles
  • Produce year round consistent products in terms of size, grade, and halve count
  • Gently handle the walnuts to prevent damage and improve aesthetics

To achieve these goals we invested extensively in technology, equipment and personnel. Highlights of our state-of-the-art facility include:

  • Stainless steel and food grade plastic contact surfaces throughout the facility to maintain clean and hygienic conditions
  • Five laser sorters configured in three lines to remove shell, membrane and defects in addition to color-sorting the final product
  • Gravimetric control on twelve sorting tables to ensure accurate and consistent halve percentages
  • Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) packaging with nitrogen flush to keep product fresh for extended periods
  • Over two acres of cold storage to ensure product is stored properly year-round

Take a tour of the facility to see how your walnuts are processed.

Package Styles

Proper packaging and storage of walnuts is crucial to maintaining freshness. Depending on customer storage and use requirements, we have several available methods of packing.

  1. Standard Packaging utilizes a double-walled box with a folded or perforated polypropylene liner. Box dimensions are 16" x 9" x 12", giving enough volume to hold 22-30 lbs depending on product size.
  2. Nitrogen Flushing is used to displace oxygen to retard oxidation, which leads to rancidity. Oxygen levels of less than two percent are typical. Nitrogen flushed packages use a special oxygen barrier film to prevent oxygen from re-entering the sealed package.
  3. Vacuum Packing targets the removal of oxygen through vacuum rather than displacement. Oxygen levels are reduced, but not as low as nitrogen flushing. Vacuum packing also utilizes a special barrier film.

Our packaging line is completely automated with a case erector, Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine that makes bags from film rolls, automatic case sealer to tape the lid closed, and metal detector to inspect the sealed box for any metallic foreign matter.

Finished packed boxes are palletized 80 to a pallet for domestic shipping or hand-stacked into containers for international shipment. During the loading process customer-specific labeling is applied.

We also provide a wide range of consumer packaging and private labeling. Please contact Prima Noce directly for information on these styles of packaging.

Product Sizes

Chandler Halves

Combo A Halves & Pieces

Light B Halves & Pieces

Combo B Large Pieces

Light Medium Pieces

Light Medium Pieces

Combo A Medium Pieces

Amber Medium Pieces

Light Small Pieces